Commitment and Values



In Ecuador Kakao Processing Proecuakao S.A. we process cocoa beans and cocoa semi-finished products, fulfilling standards to meet the technical, legal and regulatory requirements of the national and international market, health and safety compliance at work, food safety requisites and requirements mutually agreed with customers.

We direct our actions towards the achievement of objectives and goals, which allow us to accomplish continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System.

We implement effective communication mechanism with our customers, workers, suppliers, control agencies and other stakeholders.

We promote the participation of all workers to comply with the requirements of the Management System, through constant training, which ensures the technical competence of our work team.

We are committed with quality; environmental protection and sustainable development; we constantly work for the safety of our employees, suppliers and visitors, and to guarantee occupational health; we care about the well-being of our community and we promote activities aimed at preventing illicit acts related to the supply chain, for the benefit of our company, customers and society in general.


Our core values are aligned to the strategic vision of Goddard Enterprise Limited.